About Us

Strong Industry Innovator. Strong Commitment.

As an innovation driver in the field of various materials for bipolar plates, we are strongly engaged in these market trends.

A strong industrial partner, committed to constantly optimizing our high-performance advanced materials for mass production at effective cost.

Our Bipolar Plates with extended lifetime, corrosion free, and high electrical conductivity are specially developed for any potential type of fuel cells such as material handling equipment industry include forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyor systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other specialized machinery and heavy transportation such as buses and trucks and maritime sector yachts, boats & vessels.

We specialize in developing specialised materials and production of plates tailored for use in electrolyzer and energy storage system.

Carbon Technology Energies develops and manufactures cutting-edge bipolar plates for fuel cells and energy storage systems, and electrodes for electrolysers.

Our graphite and carbon-based materials are specially designed to have high electrical conductivity, to withstand extreme corrosion and temperature to ensure durability. Our outstanding properties allow extended lifetime (>30,000 hours) critical for professional and heavy-duty application.

Standard graphite bipolar plate material or breakthrough single or multilayer carbon composite materials with lower cost and shorter manufacture time adapted for mass production.

Materials and dedicated production methods are developed for high volume production with very low takt time able to supply the future high demand.

Designing dedicated production methods for mega production facilities at OEM’s.